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So one more class and then you’re free from the oppressive burdens of my class. No special reading this week to maximize your final project time, but here are some suggestions from Amber about tips she found:

1) Search: Do not rely on solely on the first 10 results on Google (I’ve found some really relevant information on the 10th+ pages of search, which probably means I need to do better with key words.)

2) Finding top bloggers in a state: Find at least one or two top bloggers and ask them for a list of the other top bloggers. (You can always click through their blog roll, but some of them might have extensive blog rolls.)

3) How a state is using social media: This was a bit time-consuming, but I visited (most of) the official websites of the counties within the state of Virginia to see if the counties were using social media at all. (I’m still a bit stuck on the “metrics” part because the social media thing is still so new.)

4) Widgets: My latest blog post talks a bit about widgets and provides websites where you can create your own (and play with them etc…), if you decide you want to do something on widgets for the final project.

Anyone else have ideas/tips? Leave them in the comments.


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