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Voter-Generated Content

So this next week will be about voter-generated content. I think it should be a fun class. You may remember the term from my book; Andrew Rasiej coined it and it’s really changing this election. Check out this piece I did for the Huffington Post earlier this year.

One other example worth checking out is the 10Questions experiment, as well as the john.he.is video and the LOLcats site mentioned here. One other creative example: Want to know who the various superdelegates are? Use the superdelegates.org wiki.

Your blog challenge for the week: Find four examples of voter-generated content online and blog about what they mean. The only rule: They can’t all come from the same site. For instance, you can only use one YouTube video or only use one t-shirt from Zazzle. And none of them can be the will.i.am video. Everyone has seen that one.

We’ll go over everyone’s choices in class. Where to start? Well dig around on Facebook, MySpace, Zazzle, and the sites that I keep telling you to read: e.politics, TechPresident, and the like. This is going to force you to explore some and work at finding examples. There’s a ton out there. I want you to go find it.


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